Sweet Banana Spa

Sweet Banana Spa

ALWAYS call or text if you're not finding a desired time online!
Laurie 701-371-4862 (waxing, microderm, peels)
Annette 701-799-5909 (eyelashes, skincare)
Amanda 701-226-5570 (LMT)
Jessica 701-388-7562 (LMT)
Nykki 701-388-5818 https://squareup.com/appointments/book/0EPN1SKHRH0Z2/lashes-by-nykki

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45.00 1st time MASSAGE with Jessica - $45
Ashiatsu Bar Massage - $80
Dermaplaning - $40
1/2 Arm 1/2 Leg wax - $70
Brazilian, Lip - $73
Bikini +, Underarm, 1/2 Leg, eyebrow, lip - $120
reg price $142
SAVECOIN Celebrity Peel
SAVECOIN Microdermabrasion


Brazilian Wax - $65
All hair. If you have a coupon, price will be adjusted
Brazilian FIRST time customer - $44
Brazilian (Student) - $54
Back to school special!
Bikini Wax - $30
Bikini wax is hair removed 1 inch outside the bikini area
Bikini Plus - $45
Hair removal 1 inch outside AND 1 inch inside the bikini area
Full Face wax - $35
Underarm - $22
Eyebrow - $15
Lip - $15
Belly Strip - $8
Chin - $8
Nose Wax - $8
Full Leg Wax - $75
1/2 Leg Wax - $45
Full Arm - $45
1/2 Arm - $30


Eyebrow and Lip - $26
1/2 Leg and Underarm
Underarm, Eyebrow, Lip - $48
Bikini and Underarm
Belly Strip and Lip wax - $23
Bikini +, Eyebrow, Lip - $71
Bikini+, eyebrow, lip, nose - $79
Bikini +, 1/2 Leg
Bikini + & Full Leg - $120
Bikini +, Full Leg, Underarm
Brazilian, Belly, Full Face
Brazilian and Full Leg
Brazilian and Underarm
Brazilian, Full Leg, Underarm
Brazilian and 1/2 Leg
Brazilian, Full Leg, Underarm, Eyebrow, Lip
Brazilian, eyebrow, Lip - $94
Brazilian and Belly Strip - $76


Upper Chest - $50
Full Back - $65
Men's Full Back and Chest - $99
Men's Full Chest and Stomach - $65
Men's Full Back and Upper arms - $80
Men's Full Chest, Stomach, upper arms - $80
Male Brazilian - $75
Manzilian (front, back and top)
“Fuzz-Free” – Everything goes from front to back. We leave nothing behind.
"Mankini" - $35
“Neat & Tidy” - Clean up the sides at the front and between the legs for a speedo worthy finish.
Manzilian and Buttocks package - $95
Manzilian and Buttocks Package
“Completely Fuzz-Free” – Everything goes from front to back, cheeks included. We leave nothing behind.

MASSAGE-For massage prices refer to www.sweetbananaspa.com

30 Minute Therapeutic Massage
45 Minute Therapeutic Massage
60 Minute Therapeutic Massage
75 Minute Therapeutic Massage
90 Minute Therapeutic Massage
Ashiatsu - $80
Prenatal Massage
30 Minute Reiki
45 Minute Reiki
60 Minute Reiki
90 Minute Reiki
20 Minute Scalp Massage
This massage is uniquely designed to target sinuses, and aid in relaxing skull, scalp, and superficial face muscles to create a simple yet relaxing relief from sinus congestion and tension headaches.
Allergy Relief
Auricular Therapy
Manipulation of the inner and outer regions of the ear, using aromatherapy techniques. Beneficial for TMJ, headaches, inner ear issues, hearing problems and dizziness.
Nerve and Spine Therapy
Aromatherapy oils applied to the neck and base to excite the nerve endings along the upper spine. Beneficial for Parkinsons, MS, headaches, Insomnia, anxiety and depression.
Dry Brushing
Ion Foot Detox
Raindrop Therapy
This technique incorporates Young Living essential oils that are dropped along the entire length of the spine. It gives a tremendous boost to the immune system and the oils work to increase anti-oxidants, release toxins and ward off viruses and bacteria.
Delux Detox Massage
Ultimate Relaxation
An unforgettable experience! With this one you will get to try a little bit of everything. A combination of Deep Tissue Massage and Reiki with a mini Raindrop Therapy, finished off with the 30 minute Ion Foot Detox.
Total Body Balance
90 Minute Massge + 30 MInute Nap time
45 MInute Integrative Cupping Therapy - $60
75 Minute Integrative Cupping Therapy - $90


Skin Growth Removal (Skin tags)
Remove skin growths like skin tags, moles, cholesterol deposits, flesh colored moles, cherry moles, warts, etc...
Skin Growth Removal (variety)
Remove skin growths like skin tags, moles, cholesterol deposits, flesh colored moles, cherry moles, warts, etc...
Skin Growth Removal (moles)
Remove skin growths like skin tags, moles, cholesterol deposits, flesh colored moles, cherry moles, warts, etc...

Eyelash Extensions

Full-Set Eyelash Extensions - $99
Look better, feel better! Individual eyelash extensions are a beautiful alternative to mascara that adds length and volume to your natural lashes. Each tapered synthetic mink or silk lash is applied to each individual lash creating a glamorous look, even without eye makeup. They are amazing! Check out before and after pictures on our website!
Two week lash refill - $35 (call for appointment)
Call Annette 701-799-5909
Three week lash refill - $45 (call for appointment)
Call Annette 701-799-5909
Four week lash refill - $55 (call for appointment)
Call Annette 701-799-5909


Microdermabrasion - $110
Microdermabrasion w/ glycolic skin boost - $125
Microdermabrasion followed by a light glycolic acid boost. Amazing results without without the full peeling process of a chemical peel
ULTRA-Peel (microderm and chemical peel) - $150
Chemical peel followed by a microdermabrasion
Chemical Peel - $80
Acne Clearing Treatment - $65


Airbrush Tan - $25
Fully develops in 12 hours. No showering or activities for over 12 hours
"One' Airbrush Tan - $40
Fully develops in 1 hour, can shower and do activities after 1 hour


Body Wrap - $75
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